The Swiss government has invested UAH three million in the development of simulation training at Kharkiv National Medical University


The Swiss government has invested almost UAH three million in the development of simulation training at Kharkiv National Medical University through the Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Medical Education Development”. New rooms have been opened for future family doctors.

The project supported :

  • establishment of Laboratory of Clinical Skills for primary healthcare practitioners. Future family doctors, interns, general practitioners, as well as primary care nurses will practise clinical skills in the new laboratory
  • new approaches have been laid down in the development of the educational process in the medical education institution.

“Today we present the Laboratory of Clinical Skills to train practising  and future family doctors and nurses in Kharkiv. Since 2019 the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development” has been working to improve the quality of primary health care, which is possible through the strengthening of education in Ukraine.

But I want to emphasize that we invest not only in the purchase of the latest simulation manikins and computers to equip simulation rooms. Our priority is to encourage and improve the quality of medical education in Ukraine, and this is impossible without investing in better teaching skills, IT, and such resources as literature, knowledge of English — everything that shapes quality education in medical universities  in Ukraine”,— said Tetiana Stepurko, head of the project office of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development”.


Clinical Skills Laboratory at Kharkiv Medical University consists of three rooms:

  • for practising clinical skills, which contains cameras, microphones, as well as medical equipment and artificial body parts: arms, legs, buttocks, which can be connected to a computer
  • where a coach and teacher provide instructions — manage the learning process
  • where students and a teacher watch the recorded video on how they performed simulation, detect errors and emphasize good manipulations.

Representatives of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine attended the opening of the Clinical Skills Laboratory.

Acting Director General of the Directorate of Medical Personnel, Education and Science Tatiana Orabina said at the opening: “Ensuring the development of medical education and improving its quality is impossible without practical training of students, interns. Medical simulation centers are an integral part of ensuring the quality of medical training. In the simulation centers students can acquire practical skills in conditions as close as possible to the real ones. It is at the stations of simulation centers that a student can demonstrate his readiness (or not readiness) to provide medical care independently.

For the quality practical training of students and medical staff the very existence of simulation centers is not enough. It is important how these centers are equipped (availability of modern medical equipment), their staffing; specification of practical skills for each specialty; methods of assessing such skills”.

It should be emphasized that the Swiss government, through the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development”, pays great attention to strengthening the education of general practitioners in Ukraine. That is why the Project is primarily working on the development of simulation training for future family doctors and nurses.

Since 2019, the Project has been investing over UAH 15 million in the development of simulation training in six higher medical education institutions in Ukraine.

“The development of medical education with a focus on family doctors, nurses and health care managers is a key priority for the Swiss Embassy today. We have made a commitment over the next 10 years to support the development of medical education in Ukraine.. Ukraine has a great potential for medical education, having 17 medical universities and more than 140 medical education institutions. And these  opportunities should be used for more effective and efficient training of doctors and nurses for the Ukrainian health sector and offering high quality education, recognised  worldwide, also for international students”,— said Priska Depnering-Nydegger, Deputy Head of Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

New Laboratories of Clinical Skills for general practitioners are opening in: Rivne Medical Academy, Ternopil National Medical University, in Zhytomyr Medical Institute, in Kharkiv National Medical University, Lviv Medical Academy, in Chernivtsi in Bukovinian State Medical University.

“We are proud that Kharkiv National Medical University was selected as a pilot institution to participate in the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development” among the numerous applicants. During this cooperation, our university received a powerful impulse for the development of simulation training of family doctors. We are sincerely grateful to the representatives and coordinators of the Ukrainian-Swiss project for the organization, gained experience, learning of new approaches to the educational process and the possibility to use acquired knowledge ​​and skills in training qualified professionals”,—  said Valery Kapustnik, rector of Kharkiv National Medical University.

The Project has already opened two Laboratories of Clinical Skills : in Lviv on the basis of the Lviv Medical Academy  and in Ternopil National Medical University.