Interview with Oleksandr Shevchenko on urban planning, reconstruction of the cities and spatial development


What is happening in Ukraine is not limited to Ukraine.

Although this thesis refers to the talk of urban planning, it occasionally highlights Russia’s current military aggression against Ukraine and the international community’s support.

We were glad to go to Lviv to visit the Andrei Krupinsky Lviv Medical Academy. In the academy’s courtyard, we recorded a short interview with Oleksandr Shevchenko, the founder of the Zvidsy Agency, our colleague who took care of renovating the courtyard in the LMA and activating spaces in other HEIs.

Anna-Veronika Krasnopolska, a project communication coordinator, spoke with Oleksandr about urban planning, spatial development, and the new ReStart Ukraine project, in which a team of experts gathers and analyzes the frameworks for the future reconstruction of Ukrainian cities. There are many opinions in the interview. Among the main theses of Oleksandr, which are interesting to consider and which we offer you to think about:

  • after the war, the framework of Ukrainian cities will be changed,
  • now we need a return infrastructure first and foremost,
  • it is important that people can express their opinion,
  • human experience outside the usual environment creates a new world,
  • now it is crucial to observe what is happening around, to record.

The interview is already available on our YouTube here →

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