Zhytomyr Medical Institute has a Training Center: students have access to the latest educational tools


A Training Center has been opened at the Zhytomyr Medical Institute. On the basis of the new center, students and already practicing nurses will practice clinical skills on special manikins and in conditions as close as possible to working with real patients.

The training center consists of 10 clinical skills laboratories, equipped with:

  • manikins, medical equipment, artificial body parts – everything needed to practice medical skills in close to real conditions;
  • cameras, microphones, screens – for the most effective educational process – students and teachers can observe the learning process in real time and record it for further analysis.

“The creation of the Training Center was made possible due to the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education”. It is a remarkable step forward in improving the quality of professional training of medical workers, bringing it closer to European standards. The training center is a comprehensive solution which also allows to strengthen the capacity of the faculty and administration in managing the university”, said Victor Shatylo, the Rector of Zhytomyr Medical Institute.

The Swiss government has invested over 3 million UAH in the development of the Training Center through the Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Medical Education Development”. With the support of the Project, the Center opened a Laboratory of Clinical Skills with a focus on the education of future nurses who plan to work in primary healthcare.

“Today we are opening a Laboratory of Clinical Skills to train professionals who are already working and future family nurses in Zhytomyr. Since 2019 the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education” has been working to improve the quality of medical services at the primary level in Ukraine, which is possible through strengthening of education.

But I want to emphasize that we invest not only in modern manikins and computers to equip simulation rooms. Our priority is to strengthen and improve the quality of medical education in Ukraine, and this is impossible without investing in professors’ skills, IT and other resources, such as literature, knowledge of English”, says Tetyana Stepurko, head of the project office of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education”.

The Swiss government, through the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education”, pays great attention to strengthening the education of general practitioners and nurses at the primary care level in Ukraine. That is why the Project is primarily working on the development of simulation training centers for future family doctors and nurses.

Since 2019, the Project has invested over 15 million UAH in the development of simulation training centers in six medical universities in Ukraine.

New laboratories of clinical skills for general practitioners are opening in: Rivne Medical Academy, Ternopil National Medical University, Zhytomyr Medical Institute, Kharkiv National Medical University, Andrei Krupinsky Lviv Medical Academy and Bukovinian State Medical University.

As we informed earlier, the Project has already commenced three Clinical Skills Laboratories: in Andrei Krupinsky Lviv Medical Academy, Ternopil Medical University, and Kharkiv National Medical University.

There was also a presentation of a non-scary book on life, death and everything in-between. We are infinitely grateful to Anastasia Leukhina for the warm conversation and to Olena Ignashchuk, who spoke in detail about the course “Humanity and Empathy in the Work of a Physician” as a significant step towards changing communication between health care providers and patients.