Yes, we are two years old! And we thank you for your support!


In December, the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education” received congratulations on its 2nd anniversary. We received your wishes with admiration and gratitude. Meanwhile, we read your feedback on the achievements: personal and our shared. Thanks to your words, we feel that the path of medical education chosen by the Project is necessary, timely, and accompanied by qualitative changes!

In moments of doubt, we reread your wishes, and the darkness dissipates, and the light at the end of the tunnel brightens! Thank everyone for your desires and support, write us more. So let’s not give up and hit this rock together! In the meantime, we offer to read the warmest words:

Oksana Petrynych, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, Bukovynian State Medical University: “The most important are the values ​​that support and inspire the Project: integrity, quality, continuing education and development, respect, equality and the people I met. As Arsen Zhumadilov said in the video “How works the State Enterprise “Medical Procurement of Ukraine” – values that congruent to me.”

I convince that one should love one’s work and work qualitatively and responsibly. Otherwise, it is better not even to start. So, the inspiration for professional development must come from a love for their profession that is a mandatory option, especially in medical education. At the same time, meetings with education leaders, medical experts, peer-educators with a spark in their eyes, the feedback from students add excitement and inspire improvement and implementation of new tools. Tested on yourself!”

Natalia Shigonska, Associate Professor of Public Health, Zhytomyr Medical Institute: “I am inspired by your team and the formed strategy, both in terms of content and procedure. I want to emphasize your flexibility and adaptation to new conditions. All new initiatives are relevant and meet the expectations of institutions.”

Yana Teleki, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Bukovynian State Medical University: “Thanks to you, this year has been special for me. I will not mention COVID-19 in the future, but I will remember that 2020 allowed me to become a member of the brand “Ukrainian-Swiss project.” Thank you for making me better, for believing in me, and for giving me a chance! I’m sure that we will meet! I wish the whole project team, all the families of these angels of changes, health, peace, motivation, and, of course, stunning feedback and “full suitcases of experience”! I wish you to meet people on your way, full of crazy energy and motivation!” 

Sofia Gusak, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine № 2, Ternopil National Medical University: “I wish the whole team of the Ukrainian-Swiss project success and prosperity, confidently achieve the goals and move towards the goal! I want to sincerely thank you all and assure you that you are doing an excellent job for the future of Ukraine.

We need to reform medical education in Ukraine, and continuing professional development is now necessary for teachers and health professionals. Thanks to the Project, the number of high-quality trained and motivated specialists in medicine is constantly growing! Thank everyone for inspiration, directions, new horizons, and goals! May the time of Christmas be warm, joyful, filled with peace, light, and goodness for each of you!”