Training on the development of effective communication skills for BSMU and LMA


Each university has its own needs, requests, and unique organizational culture. The educational events that we organize for medical pilots and non-pilot HEIs do not always answer a specific request. Therefore, through separate trainings we support the development of the educational environment of each pilot medical HEI, which formulates its request and seeks support from the Project.

How can subordinates constructively convey an idea to management? How can management communicate with subordinates in a better way? What is motivational communication? We have been thinking and working together on questions of effective communications with Bukovynian State Medical University and Andrei Krupinsky Lviv Medical Academy. We have included interactivity and have been mentioning facepalms caused by not always conscious communication, have been reflecting, and changing.

Likewise, we are indescribably glad that 100% of the event participants are extremely satisfied with this format of training and content and plan to use their skills in the future! We appreciate participants’ maximum involvement and motivation! Furthermore, we are grateful to Matviy Khrenov and Oleksiy Kovzhun for the top content!