Training on the strategic crisis management for pilot HEIs


At the beginning of July, we conducted training for our two pilots’ higher education institutions. On July 4-5, the training took place at the Bukovynian State Medical University; on July 6-7, administrators and educators of the Andrey Krupynskyi Lviv Medical Academy plunged into the discussion. These were challenging and discussion-filled days, full of questions and answers, as well as brainstorming and exchange of ideas.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine affected our lives and institutions’ activities. It is unrealistic to predict and plan something long-term, but awareness of existing problems, challenges, and the need to react quickly is needed by everyone now. Therefore, as part of the training, we focused on the concept of crisis and finding opportunities in it.  

Since the end of February, higher education institutions have organized a powerful volunteer movement, many emergency medical response training, and resumed online learning and examinations. The new academic year is coming; the admissions campaign is underway. Some educators are abroad, there is an outflow of international students, and the mood of enrollees in 2022 is very unpredictable. How to enable safe conditions for learning during wartime? How not to lose specialists?

Therefore, the Project, especially during wartime, helps representatives of pilot HEIs to realize that a crisis can be perceived as an opportunity. And in today’s conditions, it is more effective to spend time on strategizing, not on closing the gaps.

We appreciate the coaching tandem – Matviy Khrenov and Mychailo Wynnyckyj! You gently push to strategize, be aware of existing problems, find windows of opportunity, see the values ​​on which decisions should be built, and understand for whom these decisions should be implemented.

We are glad to read the feedback of our participants:

  • “The greatest achievement of the training for me is the coaches, which made me reconsider my views, remove my “pink glasses” regarding the future of education and HEI in general.”
  • “During the training, the most useful thing for me was talking about several fundamentally new approaches to the university’s development. The interesting topic was assessing the administrator or organization performance from the perspective of the spiral concept of development.”

We are incredibly grateful to everyone for their work! The training will continue, so stay tuned for new updates and insights.