The USAID / UKaid Health Care Support Project announces call for applications


The USAID / UKaid Health Care Reform Support Project announces call for applications for peer groups for medical professionals facilitators-to-be. The call is already opened! Apply now, study and initiate a peer group in your institution or community.

Of course, the great news doesn’t end up here. Get another bonus from the USAID / UKaid Health Care Support Project. Not only primary health care physicians but also physicians of specialized health care facilities can join the initiative and become facilitators of peer groups.

Yes, we can endlessly and inspirationally talk about peer groups. As well as about professional and motivated medical workers who join the group meetings. But we assume that you are already looking for a link to fill out the application form. Therefore, the applications are accepted until April 30, and the results will be announced by May 14, 2021.

Detailed information is here —>
Registration form is here —>

We are confident that the partnership with the USAID / UKaid project “Support to Health Care Reform” will be fruitful. And thanks to such cooperation, even more specialists in Ukraine will be able to join the modern and self-managed format of CPD, which exists in many countries around the world. And now also we have it.