The online courses “Health Financing Systems” and “Quality Management in Health Care” are now open at Prometheus


Ooh, what news! You again have the opportunity to understand better the new health financing system in Ukraine, which was launched thanks to the health care reform and has been implemented since 2018. We couldn’t wait to invite you to take the Health Financing Systems online course again. Therefore, at your request, we are re-launching this course jointly with Prometheus. Registration was opened yesterday, but you can take the online course at a time convenient to you from October 18, 2021, to July 1, 2022. More information on the link —>

During the course, you will be able to follow the first stages of the health care reform and learn an interesting theoretical part. The course trainers will plunge you into, work together to understand the system’s goals and analyze the management tools. You will also learn about governance, pharmaceutical policies, and e-health. And, of course, you will immerse yourself in the details of insurance, co-payments, and the program of medical guarantees. And in the last part of the course, those who directly participated in reforming the health system will tell you about medical reform in Ukraine.

So we suggest you invest your time in practical learning. We are waiting for medical workers of all levels, managers, teachers of medical and non-medical high educational institutions, and journalists. We will be happy if the representatives of the public community also join the course because patients are significant to us. By the way, the first five lectures are already available for free!

In the meantime, we are sharing the warm feedback from listeners who took the course last year:

  • The course is fantastic. Here I heard unique information that allowed me to re-understand the transformation of the health care system. Speakers spoke an elementary and accessible language and gave enormous quantities of information. The course was interesting. Not boring. It was perceived well.
  • This is a course that all citizens must listen to without exception in order to be aware of what is happening around them and to understand that the way everything is organized soothes the pain of Ukrainian society, not every person. The course is very powerful! It inspires respect, trust, and supports faith in the civilized future of Ukraine in terms of health care! Thank you for this experience!

But the double good news is that simultaneously the Project launches two exciting courses with Prometheus! We have announced the second enrollment for the online course Quality Management in Health Care. Speakers and practitioners involved in developing, implementing, and managing quality management systems in their healthcare facilities will help understand the basic principles of quality management in a medical clinic.

During the course, you:

  • learn what Total Quality Management is,
  • learn to plan, manage and evaluate a quality management system,
  • see how different standards work in Ukrainian clinics and choose the most suitable quality management tools for your institution,
  • track how service, risk management, and communication are related to building a quality system in your healthcare facility.

We advise you to register quickly. This time, the number of participants is also limited. We are recruiting a group of 30 students —> Registration to the course is available until October 21 for early birds at a reduced price. So, we are waiting for your applications!