The course for mentors in internatura has been completed


One and a half months of hot discussions, intensive training, exchange of experience with colleagues and speakers. Time passed very quickly and the internship mentoring course is over!

Congratulations to you, participants, on the successful completion of the training! Nowadays, concepts such as the educational trajectory of an intern, adaptation, onboarding or soft skills do not frighten our graduates at all, as these terms are now in use.

We hope that the internship will gradually change from a place where interns are mainly filling out medical histories and other medical documents to a place where autonomy and responsibility develop, where interns are full members of the medical team, and where mentors support the leader rather than the supervisor.

Mentor should be able to provide constructive feedback. Interns should turn to such a specialist  for advice without fear, as to a colleague who helps to determine the educational and professional direction, to develop professional network, to be inspired by the value of the profession! We hope that we will not only once again be happy for the graduates of the courses for mentors in internatura organized jointly with the Dobrobut Academy, and the number of mentors in Ukraine will grow every year!