The Azov School of Family Doctor 2021 is over


This day finally came! One of the favorite days in the Project life is when we have an excellent opportunity to communicate openly, learn, and initiate changes with motivated medical professionals! This is how happy we feel about the beginning of the Azov School of Family Doctor 2021!

You know, participation in the School is important, not only for those who were selected within the open call for applications. Our participants will continue to share educational ideas after the event, first of all among their colleagues and patients. We are delighted that our community is getting wider every year, and supporters are growing. It means that the quality of health care services will improve gradually due to the joint work!

We started today’s event not in a usual way. But immediately from the closed focus group on e-repository. It was valuable to hear thoughts and ideas of medical doctors about the concept itself. Here and again, we are convinced that it is important to use all available digital tools so that high-quality and up-to-date information can be quickly disseminated and securely stored.

It is also worth mentioning the importance of trust at this event. We always carefully consider the formats of work and conditions in advance so that all participants feel comfortable and safe. Believe us, it helps a group of people to feel like a community. Therefore, on the first day of the School, we spent a lot of time getting to know each other and sharing experiences with colleagues from the regions during the discussion “Gatekeeping during the pandemic – the best practices”. By the way, it was very valuable to hear about the positive experience of colleagues in providing services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the first day, we devoted a lot of time to the issue of the limit of declarations, increasing the number of doctors who are in favor of vaccination and evidence-based medicine. And, of course, we discussed strengthening the role of the nurse. During the panel discussion “Family Physician and Health Care Reform: Steps Forward” we were talking with Dmytro Samofalov, Ihor Zastavnyi and Oksana Lutska about the most visible changes in the last 5 years. One of the first was the issue of health care reform in rural areas. Oksana Lutska commented: “There are a lot of problems. At present, the maintenance of the first-aid post (FAP) and a number of related issues have not been resolved. The entire burden falls on the shoulders of medical institutions. I see a solution in fully or partially transferring FAPs to the maintenance of local governments. And then, perhaps, it will be a little easier for rural medical institutions”.

However, there were powerful trainings and workshops on the second and the third days, where participants practiced clinical skills. Initially, everyone was trained in Basic Life Support (BLS) training for children and adults. Discussed how to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation properly. Pondered why it was better to use the AVPU scale than the Glasgow Сoma scale to assess impaired consciousness and coma.

Much time was devoted to clinical workshops on vaccination together with Fedir LapiyIryna Voloshyna, and Olena Kondratenko. In particular, we focused on COVID-19 vaccination and vaccination calendars for adults and children; solved clinical problems on the formation of vaccination schedules in children with violations of the vaccination calendar of Ukraine.

Orest Kulenych and Anastasia Spasibo taught to properly assess the eardrum and find pathology in the otoscopy training. Dmytro Samofalov and Ivan Kondratenko touched upon the topics of emergency care for anaphylactic shock and helped to develop practical teamwork skills and algorithm of actions for convulsive syndrome, upper limbs injuries, thigh injuries, burns. Furthermore, Vadym Vus conducted an educational session “Chronic Wound Management”.

By the way, it was extremely valuable to hear the presentation of a new study of the Project on the advanced role of the nurse from Daryna Bogdan. We are glad that the hall exploded with comments and positive feedback! And we thank Anastasia Spasibo for telling us how to open a PIE (FOP) practice and providing practical advice from her own experience.

We are infinitely grateful to everyone who joined the creation of the event. Special thanks to the participants, you are our greatest source of inspiration. Share knowledge with others and continue on the path of professional development. And most importantly, in the words of Fedir Lapyi“Do not be afraid to start from the beginning. You will start not from scratch, but from your own experience!”