SESAM 2022 Annual Conference: feedback from participants


It’s never too late to share impressions of a helpful event! Last month, 11 delegates from Ukraine attended the 27th annual SESAM 2022 conference, held in Spain.

Over three days, the participants thoroughly immersed themselves in simulation medicine: they explored modern technologies in medical education and studied opportunities for training on simulation manikins and virtual reality. The representatives attended workshops and master classes on teaching communication and clinical skills, as well as met leading experts in the field of simulation training, with whom they even have new exciting plans for joint projects. All returned inspired with ideas for improving simulation centres in their higher education institutions.

We share with you the main conclusions made by the conference participants:

  • “Deep gratitude for the opportunity to join the conference for the second time, especially offline. It was quite important to have the opportunity to see the experience of specialists from other countries and to talk about their development path, achievements, challenges, and problems in implementing simulation learning technologies in their institutions. An important moment was workshops with foreign colleagues, which made it possible to see the current trends in the development of simulation technologies.”
  • “It is a unique opportunity to learn more about new products of modern, realistic, and highly functional manikins. My special wow from virtual reality locations: childbirth, intubation of patients, providing first aid at the scene, on the beach in case of drowning, and performing basic life support measures.”
  • “The development of medical simulation in the conditions of war on the territory of our country is one of the key factors in guaranteeing the quality of medical education.”
  • “Simulation training is the key to reducing mortality risks. Simulation can increase the level of professionalism in the healthcare system. It’s never too late to learn.”
  • “It is essential to methodically build simulation training, to teach teachers the technologies and methodologies of simulation training. Psychological support of simulation training needs further implementation in the work of simulation centres.”

We are happy that this year’s meeting showed engrossing directions for the further development of simulation technologies in student education, as well as inspired for ideas for new projects and partnerships. Be sure to apply next year!