School for rectors: what is the role of HEI today


The desire for continuous development, including professional development, is the value that our Project prioritizes and develops together with primary care workers and medical educators.

Last week, we had a great opportunity to work with the rectors of medical higher educational institution and focus on the amount of knowledge and skills that managers must have today. Together with the facilitator and trainer Mychailo Wynnyckyj, the rectors reflected on what has higher priority: giving a degree or creating a mindset of future professionals?

They together analysed whether medical HEIs use their right for autonomy to the full. They considered the department of higher education monitoring not just as a requirement of the National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance, but as a powerful development tool. They tried to understand whether educators can indeed combine the roles of teachers, researchers and managers in a quality way.

There was a concern about students’ needs: how HEIs meet these needs and whether students have free space for development? Of course, a university as an autonomous institution has to contribute to a liberal mindset of its students, as it operates based on their requests in the first place. Therefore, for the development it is necessary to be aware how a higher education institution responds to the needs of its consumers, ensures person-centred approach in learning and understands the necessity of comprehensive development of future specialists. It is important to develop a university community which the student would be proud of and willing to join.

We are grateful to the participants for jointly generating a lot of ideas which give impetus to further activities!