Results of the Azov School of Family Doctor 2020


The Azov School of Family Doctor – 2020 (Velvet), organized by the Academy of Family Medicine of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Paediatric Specialties with the support of the Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Medical Education Development”, was held on 11–13 September 2020 in Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia oblast. 

42 participants – family doctors and nurses – from all the regions of Ukraine were able to update and deepen their knowledge and skills necessary to provide primary health care, strengthen horizontal relations to develop the professional community having similar values and working principles, which is capable of and ready to improve the status of the family doctor’s profession, as well as to disseminate the acquired knowledge among the colleagues.


The Azov School has become a platform able to ensure a productive dialogue of care providers with experts and colleagues to broaden their horizons and increase the motivation for further work. Among the topics covered during the training at the Azov School-2020 were: a medical consultative board in the private family practice, vaccination, use of inhalation devices, first aid, healing wounds, headaches in children, feedback. Ulana Suprun, Minister of Health Care of Ukraine (2016-2019), was the special guest of the School, devoting her speech to the changes in the health care system.


In spite of the tight training schedule, the School participants did not forget about their health, starting every morning with physical exercises on the Sea of Azov coast. 

The participants speak about the event:

“The main thing in this school is the participants, they worked to 24 on the scale from 1 to 12. In three days, the people who had not known each other before, became a real team which can change our health care system for better! I am grateful to every trainer and participant for the sense of support and restoring the confidence in the future. I am proud to be a family doctor in Ukraine, as I know that there are a lot of us and we are already changing the standards! Thank you and I hope for the next meetings within the Schools and other events”, said Oksana Kondratenko, Family Doctor, Dnipro city.  

“My life was divided into BEFORE and AFTER the Azov School of Family Doctor. One post is not enough to express a palette of positive emotions and impressions I had in these days. I am grateful to everyone who participated in this event – you are fantastic. You are not just cool doctors, you are kind, sincere and open people. It was an honour to be together with you”, Eduard Martynov, Family Doctor, Zaporizhzhia city.

“I am happy to be a participant of the Azov School, gain useful knowledge and be a part of such a cool community of family doctors! I am grateful to everyone and looking forward to the next meeting”, Anastasia Spasibo, Family Doctor, Vovchansk town.