Reliable and professional partnerships are the key to the success of any initiative


Therefore, we are incredibly pleased to welcome the Academy of Family Medicine of Ukraine as a partner of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development” in introducing and expanding the Peer Group initiative for medical professionals in Ukraine. Just to remind that we started the initiative implementation in February 2020.

Together with AFMU we have already created two online courses “Medical assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic: Season 1” and “Immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases: how to become a pro”; conducted the Azov School of Family Doctor 2020; working together to describe the competencies of family physicians.

Moreover, we are confident that the partnership for the progress of such a modern format of continuing professional development for health professionals as Peer Groups will help to expand the access of interested professionals to the initiative. It will also help provide timely and quality support to facilitators of Peer groups. We will soon announce the call for applications for the second cycle of training of facilitators. This time, medical specialists from all regions of Ukraine will participate!

If you are suddenly unfamiliar with the Peer group initiative, read more about it in an interview with our Swiss expert, doctor, Professor Renato Galeazzi.