Registration for the second module of the course on teaching excellency is open


Now we all continue to fight the enemy. We sincerely admire those educators who, despite the constant air raid sirens and danger, resume online learning in higher educational institutions, volunteer, help internally displaced persons, and support students with all their might. Now new challenges have been added to the educational process, particularly in medicine. These include the need to train and evaluate online and the cancellation of external independent evaluation this year.

Since the beginning of the war, the project team has postponed educational activities and focused on what it managed to do during martial law. Now is the time to continue activities for educators to support them in this difficult time. Therefore, we begin the third module of the Course on teaching excellence with an open lecture. We dedicate this conversation to the topic of evaluation. On April 11 at 15:00, we will talk online about the evaluation, its basic principles, and what is relevant for a fast and transparent evaluation process.

  • Topic: “Evaluation: how to train a dragon,”
  • Date and time: April 11 (Monday), at 15:00 (GMT+3).


  • Olga Bershadska is a coach, teacher, and head of the Center for Quality Assurance in Education of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy; educational consultant of UNICEF Ukraine; methodologist of educational programs and training courses; expert in adult learning, cross-cultural communications, and public speaking; facilitator in the educational, public and business sectors.
  • Natalia Starynska is a coach in teaching skills, an accreditation expert, and a trainer of experts at The National Agency for Higher Education Quality Assurance (NAQA), the head of the NGO Higher, a certified project manager, and a project management trainer, facilitator.

With this lecture, we are also starting a course for participants who have passed the first and second course module and completed it. We have previously made sure that the participants and trainers are in a safe place and can join the training. For those who will not be able to join us this month, we will conduct this Course again, in peacetime.

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