Registration for the second module of the course on teaching excellency is open


Application form is open from 21 to 28 January 2022 by this link → Participation in the course is free. The selection results will be sent to the applicants on 1 February 2022.

The second module is devoted to the competence approach in teaching. During the training, we will discuss the following:

  • how to find a balance between standards, norms and the right to academic freedom,
  • how to create a map of your course and freely operate with learning outcomes,
  • what is a syllabus and how to create it.

In the structure of the course – the obligatory participation in three practical classes, and completed on time homework. Those educators who fulfil all the conditions of the course on time will receive a certificate of successful completion. The certificate is designed for 10 hours (0.3 credits).

In any case, we suggest you follow our favorite learning by doing – we do not say “I can not”, we say “I tried, and I succeeded”. The same goes for syllabuses, – they are not so mysterious and worth trying.

The most pleasant part is that .even if you did not take part in the first module of teaching excellency courses – you still have a great opportunity to join us and study in the second module. Selected participants will study in the fourth group, which will be led by Lyudmila Ponomareva and Oksana Tashkinova.

Educators from all medical and nursing educational institutions of Ukraine can apply. So fill out the application form and learn more about the conditions of participation. We are waiting for your motivated applications!