Read about the history of medical reform in the new book “Reform of a healthy person”


Corruption, lack of trust in doctors, and bureaucracy. It was Ukrainian medicine before the beginning of transformations. Today, medical reform is one of the most effective and successful reforms in independent Ukraine.

In a new book from the Laboratory publishing house, the story of the work on the medical reform is told step by step first-hand. Her heroes are a team led by the former acting Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun, who became not just the face of changes, but also took on the most challenging task — to completely reformat the system. It was a real struggle of values ​​against bureaucracy, mistrust, behind-the-scenes manipulations, and lack of support. But she became the irreversible point of change in Ukrainian medicine. 

“Reform of a healthy person” is not a boring instruction nor a practical guide to implementing reforms. It is an inspiring story about people who, despite obstacles, managed to do the almost impossible — to cure Ukrainian medicine.

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What is good about this book:

  • It tells about the team that not only entered the ministry, sometimes unwillingly, and changed the system from the inside but also laid the irreversible foundation of the new medical system in Ukraine.
  • Each chapter is preceded by a short reference to the events of that time in Ukraine. Thanks to that, the story is perceived as inseparable from the general socio-historical context. A brief chronicle of the reform is also presented.
  • The chapters are recorded from the primary source of team members — from former Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman to reform communicators.

The book was published with the support of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education” and The Ukrainians.