Quality management in health care


The course “Quality Management in health care” will introduce you to Total Quality Management theory, principles, processes and procedures of quality management in health care facility as well as show the growing role of total quality management for business, community and society in general and for health care in particular.

The course will also help you understand the difference between technical and functional quality, between clinical quality and patient satisfaction. You will learn how to plan, manage and assess the quality management system. You will be able to differentiate between different Standards and choose the most applicable mode of quality management for your own health care facility.

Our course is created for health care managers: chief doctors and their deputies, chiefs of the departments, chief nurses. But anyone who is interested in quality management in health care can take part in the course. We invite those who want to understand the basics of building and successful functioning of quality management system and their role in it. You can also use this course as basic training on quality management for all the employees of your health care facility or as CPD.

We invited speakers-experts who take part in developing, introducing and managing the quality management systems in their health care facilities, who already took the path you are choosing now ad can share their experience.