Presentation: A non-scary book on life, death, and everything in-between


Another wow news for you! If you are in Zhytomyr on June 25, there is an excellent opportunity to talk to Anastasiya Leukhina during the presentation of a non-scary book. Register until June 24 here —>

While you are registering, we will tell you more about the event’s format and everything that will happen that day because we have planned a lot.

In short, you have already seen the reports on the opening of clinical skills laboratories at the Lviv Medical Academy and Ternopil National Medical University. So on June 25, we will open another training center at the Zhytomyr Medical Institute. Afternoon, everyone will be able to join Anastasiya’s presentation and see that humanity and empathy are essential in the work of health professionals, the lives of patients in palliative care, and the development of society as a whole. Thus, you are welcome to invite your colleagues, relatives, and friends to the presentation. Register now, and we will be waiting for you at the event!

A non-scary book is on life, death, and everything in-between. Considering the Ukrainian medical and social realities, she explains what to do if someone close to you has an incurable disease. The publication contains not only practical advice: the team of authors told heartfelt personal stories of different people about their own experiences and living through difficult situations. These stories show that even illness and death will not seem terrible if experienced consciously and in love.

Book publication and communication campaign “A human is bigger than one’s diagnosis” is a charity project of Anastasia and the NGO Horizontal. Thanks to charitable contributions and a share of profits, a third of the circulation went to palliative patients, doctors, hospitals, and hospices. Proceeds from the sale of the book Yakaboo Publishing, are directed to repair oxygen concentrators thanks to the Open Palms Charity Foundation. For six months, 15 teachers from 6 Ukrainian medical institutions, jointly with Nastya, are creating an excellent course for students, “Humanity and empathy in the work of a doctor,” based on this book.

So be sure to join us on June 25. But let us warn you at once: do not be surprised that you will feel as if a Tesla battery has been connected to you after meeting Anastasiya. Our facilitator radiates a super-powerful energy charge, which the laws of physics can not explain. It is felt only by the heart.❤️