Policy brief Education opportunities for health care managers in Ukraine: implications for the new programs


Traditionally until 2019 “health care manager” was not a separate profession and only medical doctors could become health care managers in Ukraine. However, clinical competence is not the same as managing competence. Moreover, good management influences positively the quality of hospital outcomes. The quality of services in organization includes training level of the staff, facilities maintenance and service attributes, which requires a wide range of managerial knowledge and skills.

The ongoing changes in health care system of Ukraine and the increased autonomy of health care institutions increase the demand for more competent management. Professional managerial skills are required together with the compulsory demand to have managerial education (no less than the master’s degree) for managers in the future.

This policy brief aims to identify the competencies necessary for management of autonomous health care facilities in the reformed health care context of Ukraine. It also outlines the ideas and suggestions obtained during the individual meeting with key stakeholders and during the round table discussion.