Opening of students’ space at the Lviv Medical Academy


Let’s speak about the spatial potential because we have already begun to realize beautiful and practical spaces for self-realization and networking of students!

Today, the Andrei Krupinsky Lviv Medical Academy, with the support of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education” and the Zvidsy architectural agency, opened an educational space for its students. The concept of student space was based on the experience of foreign universities.

Here we are accustomed to the fact that the university or institute is primarily about learning: attending lectures, seminars, and workshops. And for this purpose, each higher medical educational institution (HEI) created auditoriums and library halls; for additional purposes dining rooms and corridors are used.

But if to look at the university as an educational space, a place for non-formal education of students within the walls of the HEI, we can see that today only a few Ukrainian universities can be proud of their design that creates positive emotions, inspires studying hard. And let’s not forget that the university has yet to be a platform for socialization and personal development. Aiming to provide students with a comfortable stay on the institution premises, together with the pilot HEIs we began to move towards educational spaces that should focus on the needs of those who receive an education.

“Those premises in which the higher educational institutions are located now do not meet the current needs of students. They need to have space to realize their creative potential. And we saw this by interviewing students. The educational space we are opening today responds to the students’ request,” said Tetiana Stepurko, head of the project office of the Ukrainian-Swiss project” Development of Medical Education.”

The educational space of the Lviv Medical Academy activated the yard of the institution. The architects have placed modern and comfortable parklets where students can sit, preparing for classes. Parklets are equipped with sockets for outdoor use. One of the courtyard walls is decorated with a mural on medical themes. “We are now opening a location that will inspire our students to informal learning and creativeness. After all, this space, the yard, was chosen by our students themselves,” said Yuriy Soguiko, coordinator of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education,” vice-rector for development and international relations of the LMA.

“Today, we depend more than ever on the stability and professionalism of doctors. Working with the Lviv Medical Academy, we, as architects, drew attention to the importance of rest and recovery of students during their studies. The outdoor location near the walnut tree in the academy’s yard gives a breath of fresh air in a literal and figurative sense, modernizes the historic complex of buildings, and offers a comfortable place to meet and relax,” said Oleksandr Shevchenko, founder of Zvidsy architectural agency.

For their part, LMA students are also pleased to see positive changes in their interests. “We were prisoners of the virtual environment but it cannot substitute live communication. We all find ourselves under the circumstances when we need outdoor public spaces to spend time with friends. This location is for this purpose – for networking of the student community and education, which goes beyond its usual understanding,” said Diana Saharnatska, a third-year student studying nursing.

Similar educational spaces with the Project support will soon be opened at I.Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, Zhytomyr Medical Institute, and Rivne Medical Academy.