Online marathon of panel discussions “Medical education development in Ukraine” 


On February 17 at 10.00 an online conference will start. Key achievements of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical education development” will be presented, including the results of partnerships developed and aiming towards the further system improvement of medical education in Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian-Swiss project has been working for two years to support medical education development in Ukraine. The project activities include undergraduate, postgraduate education, including constant professional development (CPD) as well as the support of medical education policies development and autonomous providers of educational services. While implementing project activities our team bases our approach on system thinking: we see medical education as a comprehensive system in the centre of which there is a future medical doctor and nurse (medical professional) who develop and strengthen competencies for providing qualitative services to people. 

The team of Ukrainian and international consultants works at building and strengthening capacities, introducing different elements into the system that are aimed at easement of the process of professional development of family doctors, nurses, healthcare managers.  

 The event will be held in the format of six-panel discussions. It will be streamed online on the project’s YouTube-channel and FB-page in both languages: Ukrainian and English.  

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🇬🇧 English language stream link —>

Speakers of the conference: 

  • Iryna Mykychak, deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine  
  • Ihor Perehinets, deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine (2015-2016), Technical Advisor, Health Systems and Public Health in World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe  
  • Petro Ilkiv, projects’ coordinator, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation 
  • Renato Galeazzi, University of Bern, professor emeritus of Medicine, Board certified in Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Member of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, Consultant to the SwissTPH 
  • Nataliya Lelukh, doctor obstetrician-gynaecologist, medical blogger  
  • Nataliya Riabtseva, Executive Director of the NGO “Holon”, consultant of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical education development”, former Deputy Head of the National Health Service of Ukraine  
  • Anastasiya Leukhina, educator, facilitator, author of the book “Not a scary book”, co-founder of NGO “Horizontals” 
  • Iryna Voloshyna, professor of the family medicine department, faculty of the postgraduate education of Zaporizhya State Medical University, a member of the board of the Family Medicine Academy of Ukraine, European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society. 
  • Vadym Vus, family doctor, part-time expert of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, member of the Family Medicine Academy of Ukraine