Online course “Fundamentals of Fundraising for Medical Institutions: How to Raise Additional Resources”


How do hospitals start working with philanthropists effectively? Procurement of expensive equipment and medical staff training are underfunded line items in most public and municipal health facilities’ budgets. Even in the wealthiest countries in Europe, the United States, and Canada, clinics cover most of these costs through fundraising — the systematic raising of charitable funds.

Any Ukrainian medical institution can build high-quality and long-term cooperation with philanthropists. Fundamentals of Fundraising for Medical Institutions: How to Raise Additional Resources is the first online course to teach you how to work systematically with donors. Teachers-practitioners will talk about the basic theory and algorithms of work with philanthropists. By the way, the course was created at the request of the medical community; it is based on Ukrainian cases and examples of successful hospitals and organizations. Its program is targeted at healthcare managers, health professionals, members of medical NGOs, and associations. Have time to register for the first enrollment by November 15, 2021, here → Until November 9, you can register at a special price.

The author of the course is Iryna Nemyrovych, director of the Ukrainian Health Center, public activist, an expert in health management, co-founder of the Tabletochka Charitable Foundation (2012-2018), and Director-General for Strategic Planning and European Integration of the Ministry of Health (2017-2019). Iryna has experience working with crowdfunding campaigns, patrons, large and small businesses, and Ukrainian and international donors. Together with the Tabletochki Foundation, she built one of the most substantial fundraising teams in the charity sector. Be sure the course will be wow!