New simulation rooms for family doctors have been opened at Ternopil Medical University


The Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Medical Education Development ” has invested over 3 million UAH to create new classrooms in the simulation training center of Ternopil National Medical University (TNMU).

The Project “Medical Education Development” initiated the creation of the Laboratory of Clinical Skills at the TNMU simulation training center. The new laboratory will be used by future family doctors, interns, general practitioners, and primary care nurses to practice clinical skills.

“In December 2018, Ternopil Medical University became a pilot institution of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of medical education in Ukraine.” The project provides for the opening, equipping and improvement of simulation centers, which will enable students to master basic clinical skills in family medicine. Today we are opening a “Laboratory of Clinical Skills for Family Physicians” on the basis of the simulation training center of our university, which will give students the opportunity to acquire and improve all necessary practical skills”, said the Rector of TNMU, Professor Mykhailo Korda.

Clinical skills laboratories at Ternopil Medical University consist of three rooms:

  • Room 1 is for medical skills training. It is equipped with cameras, microphones, medical equipment, and manikins of human body parts (arms, legs, buttocks), connectable to a computer.
  • Room 2 is where the instructor and professor provide instructions from, thus supervising the training process.
  • Room 3 is for students and supervisors to watch the recorded video of performed manipulations, detecting flaws and emphasizing successes.


“At our university, we always try to follow the current educational trends. In developed countries the simulation is considered not only in terms of mastering practical skills. Working in teams and improving communication skills play an important role. We teach students to bring to automatism their movements and manipulations, as well as their team interaction. Thanks to the Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Development of Medical Education”, we received equipment that will help students practice most of the practical skills performed by a family doctor or nurse. 

The preliminary list of necessary equipment was put together by practicing family doctors and nurses, specialists of the Academy of Family Medicine of Ukraine and the Ukrainian-Swiss Project. The equipment includes both standard outpatient tools and manikins for basic manipulations”, says Halyna Tsymbalyuk, director of the TNMU simulation training center.

The Swiss government, through the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education”, pays great attention to strengthening the education of general practitioners in Ukraine. That is why the Project is working on the development of simulation training for future family doctors and nurses.

Since 2019, the Project has invested over 15 million UAH in six simulation centers all over Ukraine.

New laboratories of clinical skills for general practitioners are opening in: Rivne Medical Academy, Ternopil National Medical University, Bukovinian State Medical University, Zhytomyr Medical Institute and Kharkiv National Medical University.

“Today we opened another Laboratory of Clinical Skills to train practicing and future family doctors and nurses in Ternopil. But I want to emphasize that the Project invests not only in the repairs of premises and purchasing modern manikins and computers. Our priority is to strengthen and improve the quality of medical education in Ukraine, and this is impossible without investing in professors’ skills, IT and other resources, such as literature, knowledge of English — which essentially constitute a quality education in medical universities in Ukraine”, said Tetyana Stepurko, head of the project office of the Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Medical Education Development”.

As we informed earlier, on May 21, the Project commenced a Center for Medical Simulations based on the Andrei Krupinsky Lviv Medical Academy. On June 18, the Laboratory of Clinical Skills will be opened at Kharkiv National Medical University.