Meet the marathon of medical education


We have prepared something special for you for more than a year long! The third year of the four that the Project implemented, the first phase is nearing to  completion. While preparing for the annual conference, we saw the need for more detailed coverage of the Project’s first phase results. Here came the idea of ​​an innovative format acceptable during the COVID-19 pandemic, namely systematic and lengthy discussions and reflections in the format of live broadcasts.

Hence, we start a marathon of medical education — a more flexible and focused on the needs of the community format of the annual conference of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education”! The marathon will run from November 2021 to December 2022 and includes periodic videos on the key issues in the development of human resources in health care. In the first months of the marathon, discussions will take place every Wednesday and last approximately 1.5 hours.

During the marathon, the Project team, experts, consultants, and partners will present the numerous achievements and results achieved during the first phase of project implementation. We are organizing this event to crystallize medical education and human resources development achievements and highlight other essential topics in Ukraine and the foreign professional media space. We believe that high-quality discussions on topical issues will contribute to reflections on the routine daily work of medical educators and health professionals and have a chance to lead to better practices and attitudes towards health care in general.

Such discussions and feedback from experts, the professional community, and society will be able to lay the groundwork and outline the second phase of the Project. If reading this text, you have an idea to start a stream with us or join the content collaboration — you are welcome!

You can view all current issues of the medical education marathon at this link —>