Let’s talk about the Ukrainian-Swiss Summer Club


Our summer will be rich on events. We started planning the Ukrainian-Swiss Summer Club for you. It will take place on July 30 – August 1. So, here is the application form!

Among many educational events we offer, the Ukrainian-Swiss Summer Club is no doubt most important for medical leaders. In short, it is a platform for developing informed decisions, widening the horizons and reflecting over personal and professional values that create health care services. All these are aimed for you to solve complicated issues you face daily. During the club, we will speak on professional topics, but it is not all we prepared. We will take into account everything that might be useful for health care professionals who take decisions due to critical thinking and jointly take care of further development of heath care system.

Thus, we invite you to jump out of routinely challenging working life into an open for development space we will create together!

Deadline for applications – May 20. You have two more weeks to apply. The link on application form is here —> https://forms.office.com/r/SZyehsAVDS