Participate in the development of your HEI’s spatial potential


We are accustomed to the fact that the university or institute is primarily about learning: attending lectures, seminars, and practical classes. And for this purpose, there are auditoriums and library halls created in each higher medical educational institution (HEI). For additional purposes, serve dining rooms (but not all institutions were lucky with it) and corridors.

But let’s look at the university as an educational space that should include formal and non-formal learning opportunities. Today, only a few Ukrainian HEI can be proud of a design that creates positive emotions and inspires grind away studies. And let’s not forget that the university has to be a platform for socialization and personal development. And sometimes to ensure a comfortable being on the premises of the institution.

The Ukrainian-Swiss Project “Medical Education Development,” together with the pilot higher education institutions, began their joint movement
towards human-friendly learning spaces.
The initiative aims to design and implement the spaces that are accessible for students, employees, and teachers and allow organizing learning in smaller groups and relaxing time spent alone or with colleagues. And also to relax, be creative, and most importantly to feel comfortable and in safety.

The Project is currently creating architectural concepts of the student spaces based on the experience of foreign universities and the expertise of Zvidsy Urban Agency; after that, it will proceed to analyze every institution’s possibilities to implement the concept or its parts.

Physical space and comfort in staying in an educational institution influence students’ motivation to study and are recognized as an integral part of the educational environment [according to the World Federation of Medical Education]. It’s great that we have the opportunity to work on improving this aspect with our pilot institutions!

Please see the presentation on our YouTube channel → We hope we can invite you soon on a tour of modern and comfortable student spaces of higher medical educational institutions.