Interview with a nurse Nataliia Osadchuk


We recorded this interview with Nataliia Osadchuk, a nurse who has been working at the primary school for 12 years, on February 11.

Then we talked about continuous professional development and changes, and we were already preparing an interview for publication when  Russia began a full-scale invasion of our country. Returning to the interview in mid-May, we could not avoid the question of life during martial law and asked Nataliia how her life had changed since February 24.

Now you can look at the war through the eyes of a nurse from Chernivtsi, who stays with her family in her hometown and helps those who need it the most —>

According to Marichka Paplauskaite’s second edition of Reporters, published in 2021: “Good stories are also good because immersing us in the world of others, they can open our eyes to our world, lead to strong, powerful experiences. Well-told stories change us.” And while changing, we develop and transform education and the world.

With the #stories_to_know project, a series of interviews, we show the importance of the steps of every Ukrainian man and every Ukrainian woman who continue to follow their path of development and, in their way of drawing the map of modern Ukraine, supporting the country and contributing to the quick victory.

Editor: Olga Korolenko

Interviewer: Anna-Veronika Krasnopolska

Photo: Taras Bezpalyi