Intensive educational course for nurses


We have already told you that we are actively working on the broader involvement of nurses in the process of primary health care provision. Thanks to the project “Advanced Nurse Practitioner,” we are improving the accessibility of services for patients and helping to use health care resources more effectively.

Now, nurses as health professionals will provide a wide range of services to patients: from emergency to primary and specialized care; they will work independently and in a team with doctors. The responsibilities of the nurse depend on the specialization, but they already take care of the patients, order tests, and perform diagnostics. And they can provide quality counseling, as they are constantly evolving and developing clinical skills.

Today we completed the intensive educational course for nurses working in primary health care facilities that participate in the pilot project. This event was created and implemented with a clear purpose. We strive to help participants strengthen clinical skills, strengthen the communication base for effective patient interaction, and procced with continuous professional development. The intensive educational course program was designed for 45 participants and included master classes and joint plenary sessions: all had the opportunity to work in small groups of 15 people and to communicate during joint plenary sessions. We based the event’s program on the real needs of progressive nurses. Therefore, during the three-day event, we worked fruitfully on the following topics:

  • Practical clinical skills
  • BLS, an introductory course of CPR for adults;
  • Auscultation of lungs and heart — basic skills;
  • Basic ECG tracing.
  • Public health with a communication component 
  • Accompanying healthy patients, monitoring their condition;
  • Immunization;
  • Motivational consultation;
  • Oncological screening;
  • Pre-medical questioning.

Tetiana Stepurko noted: “We are glad to see motivated participants, speakers, and trainers. The event for nurses within the Zhytomyr Medical Institute is a good example of synergy. A year ago, within the framework of the project, we were thinking about strengthening nursing in primary health care in Ukraine. Today, we see inspired nurses who will start a separate reception in October. New skills and knowledge open up unprecedented opportunities. That’s why we are here. We believe that the pilot project “Advanced Nurse Practitioner” will create a landscape of opportunities for Ukrainian specialists and primary health care professionals. We hope that in 2022 we will share experiences and positive feedback from patients.” 

Matviy Khrenov commented: “What can be done to make the role of a nurse grow and become important? There are many factors, and of course, it is always interesting to analyze examples of different international models. The most important thing, perhaps, is to realize the value of human resources in time. Nurses can and want to do much more than only do paperwork. Our pilot project is about growing the nurse’s role, efficiency, and the availability of services for patients.”

We are always happy to create a powerful educational space for you, where you can learn freely and spread valuable ideas! It is difficult to convey in text, but the atmosphere at such events is always extremely warm and inspires excellent changes.

The participants took communication and clinical classes for the last three days, participated in plenary sessions, and attended masterclasses. Just an incredible amount of practical hours, exciting information, and emotional involvement! If you were with us on an intensive educational course, please do not hesitate to make presentations for your colleagues. Make short reports immediately upon return because the evidence-based knowledge must spread in a flash!

You can’t imagine how happy we are that the nurses have exchanged contacts and will continue to share experiences virtually; that means that the community is evolving, and the right vector of development is being formed. We encourage you to inspire everyone around to co-create! For now, we will share some reviews of the participants in the intensive educational course:

  • “Thank you for the event! Now I feel that I am important, and my profession is important, as such fantastic speakers and trainers devoted their time to share their knowledge with me.” 
  • “It was valuable to hear about the advanced nurse practitioners and the tools for implementing this project at the primary health care level in Ukraine. It’s great to try to put this into practice. “
  • “Personally, I liked the format, there was a wealth of new information, and training and workshops in practicing clinical skills were inspiring. I want to continue with this kind of training!”

We are grateful to the participants, speakers, and trainers for making these three days unforgettable! We are glad that together we are creating a new future for family medicine in Ukraine. Yes, being an advanced nurse practitioner is not a fantasy, but it is a reality. So very soon, we will share our next steps in the pilot project “Advanced Nurse Practitioner.” Stay tuned!