How to build a quality management system in medical facility in Ukraine: online course


Till February 19 first enrollment to the online course “Quality management in health care” continues. The course is located on the online platform of Kyiv School of Economics. It is created by the Ukrainian and European experts in health care quality management. The program is oriented on health care managers, medical professionals and researchers.

Quality management system in health care facilities of Ukraine can actually be built. “Quality management in health care” is the first online course that will not only make you believe in it but help to make the first steps. The lecturers of the course will show the basics of quality management theory on the examples of their own medical facilities. The participants of the course will learn the examples of application of the three approaches to quality management – ISO, JCI, LEAN – and will be able to choose the most appealing to them.

The participants will learn what TQM means and how service, risk management and communications are connected with the quality management system. They will also learn how to plan, manage and assess quality management system. After the course health care managers will be able to apply the most appropriate quality management tools in their own facilities.

It is important for the medical professionals to understand their role in the quality management system as the result can be reached only if all the employees take part in it. We are sure that after the course doctors and nurses will become the active implementers of quality management in their facilities. In particular, online course will give them persuasive arguments for colleagues and senior managers.

The graduates of the online course will:

  •   differentiate the standards under which the medical facility could be certified, know the requirements to the quality management system;
  •   apply quality management principles to the management processes of their facilities;
  •   understand the difference between clinical quality and patient satisfaction;
  •   work with confidence with near misses, adverse events and incidents in their medical facilities.

The course starts simultaneously for all the participants on 15 February 2021. All the classes are online on the platform of Kyiv School of Economics. The course lasts six weeks of active learning. One week is planned for the final task of the course and another one – for the teacher’s check of final tasks. Each topic of the course has video lectures, tasks and literature.

During the course the participants will have the platform for communications and discussions of their own processes and systems. Home assignments will motivate to apply the theory in practice. The final task will not be just assessed, participants will receive important feedback.

After the course and final task completion the participants will receive the certificate. The certificate has 70 hours, unique number and it can be used at CPD scoring.

It is possible to apply till 10 February 2021. To apply and find out more about the course follow the link. To apply fill in the short application, the administrator of the course will contact you.

Online course is developed by the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC in cooperation with the Center of health economics of Kyiv school of economics.