First Congress of Peer Group Facilitators


You already know that the Project launched the Peer Group initiative in the summer of 2020 and continues to support professional community specialists, those who are interested in implementing modern and self-governing types of CPD. In spring 2021, the USAID Health Reform Support joined this project. We have trained almost 100 facilitators during this period, including primary and specialized care physicians, nurses, health care managers, and health educators. And this number is awe-inspiring!

We believe that peer groups can provide space to discuss a variety of clinical and educational topics, including sensitive topics such as humanity or mistakes in professional practice. This helps to gradually form a community of professionals who create unique professional development opportunities and support colleagues in this effort. Thus, over the next three days, we will share with the participants, speakers, and trainers of the event:

  • with best practices in organizing and conducting peer groups,
  • we will improve facilitation and communication skills,
  • we will define the trajectory and opportunities for further development of peer groups because we strive to strengthen cooperation in this beautiful community of professionals!

But that’s not all. You will also be able to join some sessions scheduled for the congress. So note down the slots of broadcasts on Facebook and put a reminder in the calendar!