Dates of the Nurses` Forum updated


We strongly believe in your strength, nurses. And we want others also to believe. Therefore, please apply to the Nurse Forum, and let’s strengthen the PHC together.😉

You always take care of patients: you prompt, help and support. Your presence is often invisible, but it is most felt when you are not around. You are important in the provision of medical care, namely in ensuring quality and accessibility, but for some reason your voice is rarely heard. And we would like to hear from you!

That is why we are announcing application for the Forum of the leaders of the nursing community. Not only nurses of PHC facilities in Ukraine can apply, but also supporters: doctors and managers will also be able to join and discuss the trajectory of the strengthening of the role of nurses together with the nursing community.

We expect to receive the applications from you by May 18. So better fill it in right now here -> The selection of participants will be held on competitive basis, and the results will be announced by May 21.

The two-day event will be held on June 11-12 in Kyiv; partly offline, partly online – according to the current quarantine restrictions. We will jointly work on the development of nursing for better services for the patients. We will identify professional trends that are now valid, and analyze ways to strengthen the role of the nurse.

We are waiting for your applications and wish everyone an infinitely warm and beautiful spring day!