Congratulations to the graduates of the peer group! Wishing inspiration and motivation for facilitators!


It’s 8:30 a.m., Saturday. And we are so overwhelmed with joy that we can not share with you such a precious feeling of WOW-effect.

The fact is that very soon, there will be 27 centers where medical educators will develop their teaching skills. This week, 27 facilitators of Peer Groups in higher medical education institutions completed their training and received certificates!

New centers are the foundation of a community that seeks change in medical education, introduces new teaching methods, hears, and understands the needs of students. We are also delighted that our participants and speakers continue to meet in the alumni club to learn from each other’s experiences! It is an excellent consolation that learning, communication, and exchange of experiences proved to be the most valuable for both parties in the learning process. Therefore, at this very moment, we understand that we are moving with the community in the right direction. It gives strength and motivation to go further every day. Thank you!

We wish you that the inspiration does not fade. Hope participants of your Peer Groups will study with the same dedication in the peer-to-peer format!