Azov School has received a new name!


So what are we talking about? After analyzing all the previous years of the school, reading all the participants’ feedback, and reviewing the concept and vector in which we are currently moving, it became clear that now is the time to dive into the values ​​of the event and highlight them with an updated name. Thus, from now, the name of the educational event that you all love so much has been updated to Azov School of Family Medicine 2021!

You know that doctors work most effectively only in a team with nurses. That is why we are helping to expand the capabilities of nursing staff. In addition, we noticed that students who learn about the potential of family medicine during their studies become more productive in primary health care level. Therefore, this fall, we have prepared another surprise: two students of medical high educational institutions who dream of working in primary health care are invited to the sea to Berdiansk.

So we are waiting for applications from all those interested in the development of family medicine, who take an active public position, and are ready to share knowledge and experience with colleagues here —> Please submit the application form until July 22, 2021. Azov School of Family Medicine 2021 is waiting for you!

You can learn about the event’s format in more detail by following the link here —>