Assessment of learning environment of physicians – interns (PHEEM): survey results


This report is based on the survey results “Assessment of learning environment of physicians-interns in Ukraine” using the standardized PHEEM methodology that is also internationally recognized – Postgraduate Hospital Education Environment Measure (PHEEM). The research was organized and conducted within the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development”. Data were collected in March-April 2019 by the project staff assisted by higher education institutions involved in the study. A total of 449 second-year interns from five higher education institutions participated in the study.

A key result is satisfactory perception of the interns of the learning environment: the overall average score in Ukraine is 100 and varies slightly between higher education institutions (hereinafter referred to as HEI) (from 93 to 109 points). On a set scale, a score of 100 points indicates a positive rather than a negative perception of the educational environment, which at the same time requires further improvement. First of all, the methodology assesses three dimensions: (a) perception of organization of work (average score in Ukraine is 35 with a maximum of 56 points), (b) perception of teaching (average score in Ukraine is 40 with maximum 60 points), (c) perception of social support (Ukraine’s average score is 25 with a maximum of 40 points). Concerning the evaluation of individual statements, the largest and the smallest mean scores received the following statements on social support dimension: “I have good collaboration with other interns “(3.3 points) against “This hospital has good quality accommodation for interns, especially when on call” (1.6 points).

We are grateful to those universities that have agreed to participate in the study and were willing to collaborate with us to continuously improve own learning environment. We appreciate time of physicians-interns who filled in the questionnaires, who openly expressed their opinions, which made it possible to obtain the information presented in the report.