We are expanding the community of peer groups


Apply for training for future facilitators of peer groups! We are waiting for specialists who:

  • strive to be leaders, implement interesting and necessary initiatives for themselves and their colleagues,
  • motivated and ready to motivate others and involve them in exciting initiatives,
  • like teamwork and able to hear the opinions of others and respect colleagues,
  • are not afraid to make timely and informed decisions,
  • are ready to constructively resolve conflict situations, seek consensus,
  • have basic communication skills and seek to develop them further,
  • are able to follow time management and use it efficiently,
  • understand the importance of training and continuous professional development, and demonstrate commitment to this idea through their own experience.

If you recognize yourself in the description on at least a few points, fill out the application form by December 27 by link here → https://forms.office.com/r/DHH8FQsNRs. And know that you are filling out the application for participation in the training but also an application for getting skills of the facilitator of peer groups and further implementation of the peer group in your region!

Together with partners, including the USAID Health Care Reform Support Project, the Project fully supports the development of the peer group initiative and promotes the facilitator community. We are waiting for you!