Watch the panel discussion “The place and role of mentoring in internatura at the primary level”


Who are the dream mentors? And what role should these people play for interns? You already know that we are about to start training in the new course “Mentoring in Internatura”, but, of course, we can not leave the most interesting information only for the participants of the course. So some are ready to share with you now. This Friday, October 29, you have a great opportunity to hear and see an extremely interesting panel discussion, which we will broadcast on our Facebook page at 17:00! Together with speakers who have experience in mentoring, we will discuss the place and role of mentoring in internatura at the primary level. The session will be useful for everyone, medical professionals who want to become mentors in the future!

Among the experts involved:

  • Ihor Zastavny, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Family Doctor, MhGAP National Trainer, Member of the Board of the Academy of Family Medicine of Ukraine,
  • Anastasia Khodan, family doctor, national coach of MhGAP,  Member of the board of the Academy of Family Medicine of Ukraine,
  • Kateryna Poshtaruk, Deputy Director for Medical Care of center of the primary health care №1, Dniprovskyi District of Kyiv,
  • Oleksiy Rykov, Medical Director of Pediatrics of the Dobrobut Medical Network,
  • Yulia Shuklina, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Dobrobut Medical Network, Adult and Pediatric Otorhinolaryngologist,
  • Vadym Vus, rural family doctor, World Bank consultant on primary health care research in Ukraine.

During the session, we will talk in detail about:

  • the current state of mentoring in the internatura and the much-needed changes,
  • how the availability of mentors can change the quality of postgraduate education for interns,
  • key changes before the introduction of mentoring to have after the internatura autonomous doctors.

Please find the record of panel discussion at the following link —>