Training of future facilitators of Peer Groups for educators continues


The second part of the training is currently underway. The participants chosen by us diligently study the Peer Groups’ principles and all the subtleties of facilitation from the best teachers of the coaching group Insha Osvita — Natalia Trambovetska, Darina Pirogova, and Anna Mygal.

Thank you to the participants for their activity and involvement in the process! This is highly pleasing to both organizers and coaches. We also have a minor spoiler for you. Anastasia Leukhina has joined our team of coaches, which is why we are thrilled and look forward to the start of the third part of the training, in which she will be the coach.

In the meantime, we are sharing with you a comic about Peer Groups so that you can look forward to the launch of Peer Groups for health educators in your educational institution with even more inspiration. From January 2021!