The process of learning English must be ongoing!


We are so glad that from October 2020, English language courses for teachers in the pilot institutions of the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Development of Medical Education” continue! This is not surprising, given the successful courses of the 2019/2020 academic year.

In the same academic year, the duration of training has increased – now, the courses will last until June 2021. And in some higher educational institutions the number of teachers who will study the language has increased (more than twice)! Just imagine, this year 140 teachers are already taking courses!

The cool thing is that online classes do not lose to the offline format. Teachers are happy to continue to improve their writing, listening, reading, and speaking skills! Thank you to everyone who dared to start learning English for the first time. We understand that learning a language from level A1 requires a lot of time and mental resources. You are so cool! 

We sincerely believe that knowledge of English gives medical educators unlimited access to modern evidence-based expertise in science, medicine, and education. A foreign language is a guarantee of continuous professional development, online and offline. Even if you do not have the opportunity to study abroad. So, we wish our colleagues a crazy motivation and thirst for knowledge and great pleasure from the learning process!