Results of the Nurses` Forum


So many important things were discussed during the two days of the Nurse Forum. We are sure you now have a deeper understanding of daily nurses context. We have seen the real picture, which we want to further work on at different multisectoral levels.

It recalls us of an interesting pattern: when people talk about certain barriers that hinder their work, or elsewhere, they often forget one simple thing: Discussion is already a significant step towards a solution. After all, a well-defined problem accelerates the solution. So we were happy to talk on painful topics. We were also glad to observe burning eyes of everyone present, how inspired the atmosphere in the hall was, and how strangers at the end of the second or even the first day of the event already felt like a community.

So, due to our gathering, we were able to see certain areas in the nursing that deserve special attention and further development:

  • undergraduate education in nursing,
  • system of legal protection of nurses, as well as, legal education.
  • communication in the team, presence of a code of ethics,
  • distribution of roles and functions between doctors and nurses,
  • issues of community building and discussing its values,
  • CPD, availability of simulation equipment, improvement of soft and digital skills,
  • provision of the workplace,
  • incentives for work and development, prevention of emotional burnout.

Of course, this list could go on and on. But it is important that there are people who are ready to join decision-making, offer help, share experiences. We are infinitely grateful to the expanding community, which remains motivated. Just know that you are cool and keep joining the changes. But you know it yourself: nothing will stop an idea whose time has come.

You can watch all the Forum speeches by following the link ->