Peer groups.Educators : 2nd edition of Teaching excellence


The Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development” opens the second edition of the online training “Teaching excellence for medical educators”. The topic of the training is Peer groups for higher medical education.

Peer groups are regular meetings of educators with colleagues, which allow to:

  • share experience in using different teaching methods
  • analyze complex cases in pedagogical practice while receiving professional suggestions and support from colleagues
  • build professional relationships with colleagues from other departments or institutions of higher medical education.

Only selected participants are invited to participate in the training. Typically, the selection of participants took place based on competition among application forms.

The main criteria we applied for selection of facilitators-to-be:

  • leaders characteristics, initiative and willingness to develop innovative approaches
  • motivation and ability to motivate others and involve them in activities
  • ability to work in a team, listen to opinions of others and respect colleagues
  • willingness to take informed decisions timely
  • ability to respond to conflicts, seek consensus
  • basic communication skills and the desire to develop them further
  • understanding of time management
  • awareness of the importance of training, demonstration of commitment to continuing professional development
  • understanding of the principles of group organization and group dynamics, as well as empathy.

Therefore, we selected 30 future facilitators of Peer Groups for educators in pilot and non-pilot medical HEIs. The training will take place online and will include lectures by project experts, online sessions and assignments. After the completion of the online training, the educators of medical educational institutions will form peer groups in their educational institutions, will regularly organize meetings and share their achievements with the project.