Form your own opinion about the ongoing changes in health care in Ukraine. A new online course will help you with constructing your own opinion and understanding


The course “Systems of Health Financing” can be held free of charge at any time from September 20 to December 31, 2020 on the platform of the Kyiv School of Economics. The program is primarily aimed at health professionals, educators of higher education institutions, as well as researchers. The course will also be useful for the representatives of the civil society, journalists.

You can get acquainted with the detailed program and register for the course at the link:

The online course will help you learn about:

  • goals and main components of any health care system
  • a health benefit package and why universal health coverage is important;
  • features of benefit package payment and co-payments in different countries;
  • the difference between “medical insurance” and “social health insurance” and different types of insurance;
  • patient payments: how it works in Ukraine and in the world and whether payments are related to the availability and quality of health care;
  • pharmaceutical policies: how patients have access to medicines in Ukraine and around the world;
  • eHealth: how eHealth helps to improve health at the national and institutional levels;
  • transformation of the health care system in Ukraine: how it started and where it is going.

Course speakers talk about systems thinking, understanding the goals of the system, and the tools available. Students will get acquainted with such a concept as “governance”, pharmaceutical policies and “e-health”.

The online course was developed by the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development” funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC in cooperation with the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU) and the Kyiv School of Economics.

Each course topic contains video lectures, tests and literature. The transition from one topic to another is possible only if all the topic assignments are successfully completed. The developers are confident that the course will help to build better understanding of what has happened in the Ukrainian health care system and will give insights about what other changes are to take place in the future.

Registration and details at the link To register, fill out a short form, then receive a letter confirming registration, login and password.