Hurry up and register for the Summer club


Against all the odds, people should now have the opportunity to develop. So wait for your favorite Summer Club in September!

 The annual Summer Club is a multi-day event during which we intensely confine participants’ attention to discussions, learning, and reflection around the event’s key theme. This year’s theme is “People at War: Human Capital and its Recovery. Visions of the future.”

The format of the Club helps to understand the existing context better and work together on the vision and construction of the path to the sustainable development of the country. So this year:

  • we will discuss opportunities and potential for healthcare human capital recovery in Ukraine,
  • in the format of discussions, we will explore the context, losses, and gains in healthcare during the war,
  • we will strengthen the community of healthcare leaders in Ukraine through a visionary discussion of the future.

 The event will take place approximately in the middle of September. The dates and location of the event are specified. Register by July 17 here —> The number of participants is limited, so we advise you to fill out the application form as soon as possible.

 And now we propose you an interactive teleport option. Below you will find some tips that guests of last year’s event left for future participants. Imagine that you are now reading these words as a member of the Club, and the first discussions will begin tomorrow morning:

  • “‎You are lucky to get into a high-quality motivational and educational space created for those who seek to develop. Absorb the maximum. Analyze. Think critically and ask questions. Use all opportunities for constructive communication and exchange of experience. And also, enjoy and get inspired! And let the time spent in the Summer Club become for you a powerful charge of energy for new steps forward!”‎
  • “Take part in everything that is happening. You can get enough sleep at home. Be on the wings of exaltation for as long as possible after participating in such events. Know how to convey what you heard to your closest and act!”‎
  • “Appreciate and enjoy the moments of the Summer Club! Try to meet and communicate with all members of the Club! Remember that nothing will stop the changes, whose time has come!”‎
  • “The summer club broadens world-view and provides support for understanding all the processes taking place in the world and Ukraine. After training, new options and possibilities open up to you that you did not notice before. As soon as you see the registration announcement, put aside all your affairs and register!”‎

 Don’t miss your chance to join the event! We are waiting for you.

 The event was initiated by the Ukrainian-Swiss project “Medical Education Development” in partnership with the Ukrainian Healthcare Center (UHC).